Uni-Dolly Warranty

R.D. Enterprises warrants the equipment or product to be free of defects in material and workmanship at the time of shipment from our factory. This warranty is subject to the following limitations:

  • This limited warranty applies only to the original user / customer and only to the product and equipment which has been subjected to normal use and service.
  • This limited warranty is a lifetime warranty. All warranty work will be done at the factory and shipping charges will be the customer’s obligation.
  • This limited warranty will cover only the parts, structure, or components manufactured by R.D. Enterprises This machine is equipped with its parts manufactured by companies other than R.D. Enterprises such as wheels, running gear, rubber pads, etc. This limited warranty does not apply to such component parts, but such component parts may be warranted by the companies that manufacture them.
  • This limited warranty does not apply to regular maintenance replacement items, including but not limited to rubber pads, paint, etc. This limited warranty also does not apply to normal maintenance service and adjustments including, but not limited to nut and bolt torques, lubricants, etc.
  • Unless notified in writing by R.D. Enterprises replaced parts must be returned to R.D. Enterprises, transportation charge prepaid.
  • R.D. Enterprises shall not be liable for defects, damages, or failures caused by unauthorized alterations, us of non-approved parts, unreasonable use, neglect, abuse, accident, or negligent repair, including a failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance after the new machine is in service.
  • R.D. Enterprises reserves the right to make design changes or any product improvement at any time, without incurring any obligation to install the same on units previously manufactured.
  • There are no warranties, expressed or implied, other than the limited warranty, as set forth above and this limited warranty supersedes any warranty, promises, or representations previously made or issued. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANDISE OR OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE and R.D. Enterprises hereby excludes all such warranties which might otherwise be implied by law.
  • R.D. Enterprises liability for breach of this limited warranty, whether a claim or lawsuit is brought in contract, tort, or strict liability, shall be limited exclusively to repair or replacement of defective parts manufactured by R.D. Enterprises R.D. Enterprises shall not be liable for any direct or indirect incidental or consequential damages of any kind which may result form defects in its products or from breach of this limited warranty, nor shall R.D. Enterprises be liable for any damages resulting from a user / customer’s loss of use of this R.D. Enterprises machine or equipment.