Uni-Dolly Car Dolly Systems

The Uni-Dolly is a unique car dolly system that will free up your work bay, overhead hydraulic lifts and floor jacks. An affordable and cost effective piece of automotive equipment that will increase productivity and is much safer to use than floor jacks. There are two Uni-Dolly models, the Uni-Dolly 4800 and the Uni-Dolly 9600.

The Uni-Dolly® 4800

Uni-Dolly 4800The design of the Uni-Dolly car dolly will allow you to work much more safely than using car jacks, jack stands, or other devices. Many of the smaller car dollies on the market are unsafe and poorly designed, which can lead to unsafe conditions and decreased production.

The 6″ swivel casters with sealed precision bearings allow a disassembled drive train, chassis, sub-frame, or car body to be placed anywhere in the shop while waiting for parts.

With the vehicle tires on or off, it adapts to most vehicle models and years. Adjustable from 14″ to 21″ in height and 30″ to 60″ in width and a capacity of supporting up to 4,800 pounds each. The Uni-Dolly is the one car dolly system that professional mechanics and your facility should not be without.

Camper Dolly

Camper Dolly

A pair of Uni-Dollies can be used as a camper dolly, providing camper owners with a solution for storing their campers, still allowing the camper to be moved easily on any smooth flat surfaces such as pavement or concrete. Simply use your camper jacks to detach the camper from the truck bed, position the Uni-Dolly camper dollies, and lower away. Need to position your camper in a tight area on your property or in your garage? No problem, the Uni-Dolly has 360 degree greasable caster wheels allowing you to position your camper in the tightest of spaces.

boatdolly-800Boat Dolly


The Uni-Dolly can as well be used for boat repair facilities, boat dealerships, and boat owners. The unique design of the dolly provides both vertical and horizontal adjustment with articulating pads to make specific support adjustments for individual boat hull designs. Each Uni-Dolly is capable of supporting up to 4,800 pounds or 9,600 pounds combined. The dolly allows a single person to move a heavy boat on concrete, pavement, or other hard surfaces, and when not in use for supporting a boat hull, the boat dolly can be used to support a boat trailer (with optional attachments) or various other heavy objects requiring ease of movement and tight positioning.

The Uni-Dolly 4800 — it’s better in every way. Durable, yet easy to use.


 The Uni-Dolly® 9600

Uni-Dolly 9600The Uni-Dolly 9600 is the monster of the Uni-Dolly product line. This dolly system is rated at a 9600 lb. capacity. Two standard dollies are attached together with the HAB-11 (Heavy Adapter Bars) transforming them into one heavy-duty dolly.

The dolly system works well under heavy equipment, RVs, trailers, and various other heavy objects that require frequent movement, access, and the measure of safety.

  • 9600 lb. Capacity
  • 2” X 6” Precision Bearing Swivel Casters
  • Adjustable from 14″ to 21.5″ in height and 30″ to 60″ in width
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish
  • Alternative attachments include “V” Shoe, Pinch Clamps
  • Lifetime Warranty

With a full line of accessories, the Uni-Dolly can be immediately transformed into several pieces of  equipment, so you can continue to utilize it in other areas of your operation.

Check out the rest of the Uni-Dolly family including our Pinch Clamps, “V” Shoe”, and HAB Adapter Bar accessories that transform the Uni-Dolly car dolly into a multi-purpose tool, giving you the most value for your investment.